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  • Motion Tracking Sensors for Choreography and Music Production

    The new sensors that can detect movement and current dynamics for multiple participants, sharing the data via Wi-Fi with the others and via the OSC protocol to produce a musical landscape.

  • Resilience and Adaptability as Sympoietic Practices

    Resilience is the ability of a system to maintain its form and, at the same time, to be flexible in relation to external impulses. This makes resilience a close relative of adaptability,…
  • Fractal Choreography using Motion Capture and Haptic Sensors

    In this article, we present a novel way of choreographing movement with fractal feedback using motion caption and haptic sensors. The practitioners receive a visual, sonic, and kinaesthetic signal about their current dynamic state, which they can interpret to change their movement pattern or to maintain it further.

  • Swarm Formations and Choreographies

    Swarm formations are very common to find in nature. They are based on a few simple rules that lead to complex behaviors. Taking as inspiration the studies that have been done on swarms in biology and for military applications we demonstrate how these principles could be used to choreograph collective actions.

  • Chaotic Fractal Movement Variability

    A healthy, natural, and adaptive movement has fractal dynamics. As soon as intention or external disturbances kick in, this dynamic changes, and the movement becomes more artificial and less adaptive. Is it…
  • Transfer Package: From Learning to Practice

    The “transfer learning” approach used in a therapy setting can be very useful when applied to learning the new skills and particularly the part where they have to be implemented into the real-life context. We demonstrate how we use this approach in the EightOS setting to facilitate knowledge transfer between different contexts and disciplines.

  • The Aesthetics of Tension and Release

    An interplay of tension and release as an aesthetic expression of life principles. How we can play with this dynamics and reflect the important aspects of physical movement both on the individual and the collective levels.

  • Pan-Algorithmic Resistance Strategies

    In the world that is increasingly governed by algorithms, the notion of both an individual and a collective agency is being eroded. It's very likely that what you do is not really…
  • Coronavirus as a Sociopolitical Exploitation Mechanism

    In this analysis, we look into the features of Coronavirus dynamics and explore the mechanisms of their effect on society.

  • P.Art Documentary: Operating Systems, Reprogramming and Eightos

    This documentary, filmed by Ivan Shmelev — a young filmmaker from Moscow — documents our work process in preparation for the residency at Palais de Tokyo in Paris in November 2018. The narration describes our…