∞OS is based on a set of principles, which are realized through various behavioral patterns (procedures). Those patterns are implemented through physical practice as it’s the fastest and the most direct way to ensure they will be operational on the level of reflexes. They are then deployed both on the individual and organizational scale.

The basic tenet of ∞OS is to  use the energy that is available in the most efficient way. making it easier to reach the desired objectives even with limited resources. However, the notion of efficiency itself has a wide range of meanings in ∞OS. In the context of business it may mean lower costs and faster results. In the context of politics the objective itself may have more significance. In the context of arts the most efficient way to do something may be the one that provides the richest experience, even if it’s not cost-effective or if it doesn’t reach its initial objective.

Based on our experience applying ∞OS in various contexts we derived some basic benefits, which ∞OS consistently brings in when it is implemented and deployed:

1. Tension Release
If any tension exists either on individual or organizational level ∞OS helps dissuade this tension and direct the energy that is released towards an outcome that has real value and benefit for the system, which deployed ∞OS operating system (even if it was a singular event).

2. Increased Adaptivity
All individuals and organizations which deployed ∞OS principles in their day-to-day practice notice increased resposiveness and adaptivity to both internal and environmental challenges. ∞OS supplies concrete procedures and techniques which can be immediately deployed should any difficulty arise. These techniques help either solve those difficulties or find a different way to go around them without losing the main objective.

3. Social Integration
∞OS is a great way to practice something together with others in an open way. Other collective practices (such as sports or team building sessions) bring a specific agenda and have a goal-oriented approach, which often results in competitiveness or various kinds of prejudgements, making it difficult to really connect. ∞OS offers the participants to experience the sense of belonging in the social context that has no specific rules. We have no trainers, only facilitators. Each session is like a collective game where we explore various principles together. There are no winners or losers, only different ways of doing things each of which may be valuable and interesting in its own way.

4. Faster Learning
One of the main aspects of ∞OS is that it’s based on portability: transfering knowledge from one context to another and experimenting with its practical application. When exposed to this approach the participants tend to adopt it in other areas of their life. For example, a simple physical exercise to train assimilation and redirection of an incoming impulse may well travel into the context of intersubjective relations and deployed during an argument. While a simple technique of establishing variable rhythm of movement may inspire a financial broker to look at their trading charts in a different way.