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The Procession: Through the Gates
Minds Rising, Spirits Tuning

The 13th Gwangju Biennale 2021

떠오르는 마음 맞이하는 영혼
제 13회 광주비엔날레

A machine-guided procession on the nature of violence, collective movement, resilience, and cathartic release.

Haptic feedback motion sensors, as well as the auditory and visual cues, are used to guide the procession through the four distinct states: synchronization, determination, adaptation, and transformation.

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Technology and Approach

More about the technology and choreographic approach used to create this work:



Choreography, Direction, Software
Dmitry Paranyushkin and Koo Des

Ji Hye Chung
Seungmin Choi
Koo Des
Lyon Eun Kwon
Yunju Lee
Jonghyeon Lee
Dmitry Paranyushkin
Yeji Yi

Fractal Montage
Dmitry Paranyushkin


Swan Park

Camera Assistants
ML, Dongwoo Lee, Donggyu Lee

Julien Thomas and Koo Des

13th Gwangju Biennale Artistic Directors
Defne Ayas and Natasha Ginwala

Davide Quadrio

Associate Producer
Jinyoung Shin

Associate Curators
Michelangelo Corsaro, Krisztina Hunya, Joowon Park

Works on View in the Procession by
Cecilia Vicuña, Ana María Millán, Candice Lin, Emo de Medeiros, Sangdon Kim, Pacita Abad, Liliane Lijn

Works on View by
Yin-Ju Chen & Li-Chun Lin (Marina), Hyun-taek Cho, Patricia Domínguez, John Gerrard, Femke Herregraven, Lynn Hershman Leeson, Tishan Hsu, Gözde Ilkin, Sylbee Kim, Timoteus Anggawan Kusno, Gap-chul Lee, Vivian Lynn, Min Joung-Ki, Kyungwon Moon, Fernando Palma Rodríguez, People’s Archive of Rural India – PARI, Outi Pieski, Arpita Singh, Tcheu Siong, and Ouattara Watts; loans from the collection of the Gahoe Minhwa Museum, Seoul and of the Museum of Shamanism, Seoul.

Spatial Design
Diogo Passarinho Studio

Stage Manager
Woosup Sim

Stage Crew
Sunwoo Kim

Sound Director
Taesoon Jang

Sound Crew
Saerom Jung

Min-hyung Kang, Yeri Soh

The Procession: Through The Gates
Minds Rising, Spirits Tuning

Commissioned by the 13th Gwangju Biennale and Arthub

Produced by apparat/US in collaboration with Alcantara

Special thanks to the Embassy of Italy in Korea, the Italian Cultural Institute, and Plastic Product for their support, Anastasia Pilepchuk and Ivan Rubio for their feedback