Personal / Physical Recovery Using ∞OS Regeneration / Case Study

∞OS has efficient procedures to allow for full bodymind recovery in stressful situations. In this case study we look at a situation where you might feel tired and depleted of energy, which may arise from overworking, too much stress or even hangover. Several procedures in ∞OS can be used to bring oneself back to life and enter into a more balanced and energized state.


The Situation

A weak state is usually characterized with general weakness, shallow breathing, faster heartbeat and lower / higher heartbeat rate. This may be accompanied with some other symptoms like headache, light sensitivity, a general sensation of heaviness, irritability, etc.


The Solution

In order to bring the body to a balanced state we first recommend to employ Neutralization Procedure to get the body rid of any existing tensions. The approach is based on scanning the body from top to bottom several times with attention, noticing any tensions and asymmetries and removing them, bringing the body to a more balanced, centered state. The technique is a combination of Vipassana meditation and the approach used in Noguchi Taiso and Alexander Technique. Some elements of Cranio-Sacral Therapy can also be employed to bring the mindbody to a slower rhythm pace. The general procedure is:

    1. Find a comfortable position, preferably standing or sitting on the floor;
    2. Align your body symmetrically and close your eyes;
    3. Start observing the sensations that arise in every part of your body from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet. Stay a few seconds at every place on the surface of your body, noticing what is happening and how it is changing.
    4. If you detect some tension or asymmetry, observe it for a while and then see if it’s really necessary for the situation you’re in. Every part of the body should only respond to gravity, so if, for instance, your head is slightly tilted up or your left arm is a bit more tense than your right one, this is an indication of some stored intention or tension which you can try to release to see what happens next. Continue with this same approach through the rest of the body. Make a few scans. Breathe evenly, slowly, and deeply.
    5. Once you are finished with this procedure, move on to the next stage:

Metastabilization Procedure. The core of this approach is to bring a constant rhythm to your mindbody. This can be done using the walking and breathing exercise.

    1. Find an area and start walking at a normal pace. Inhaling through the nose, exhaling through the mouth. Inhale on 1 step, exhaling on 1 step. Then inhale on 2 steps, exhale on 2 steps. And so on until you reach 10, then go backwards. This will slow down your rhythm, make you more relaxed and concentrated. Your heartbeat will slow down, your blood pressure will normalize.

After this procedure is implemented you can move to the final stage, Regeneration Procedure. The core of this approach is to go through a series of oscillatory impulses, creating tension in bodymind and then releasing it, synchronized with the breath. Then a long tension moment can be created, followed by regeneration using the special Burst Breathing (see the description of the procedure above for more info and the video below).

After you do a series of this exercises (which take about 15 minutes in total), you will feel much more invigorated, refreshed, alert and regenerated.