Practices: Butoh and Dancing the Spirit (w Imre Thormann)

In this interview Imre Thormann speaks about his approach to Butoh (a Japanese dance form) as a practice of capturing images, messages and information from the subconscious and dreams. He suggests that one can use Butoh dance to get those messages, understanding them, listen to them, reflect on them, react to them and then maybe even doing something with them.

Imre suggests that one can maintain that highly sensitive state not only during the dance itself, but also during the everyday life.  He proposes that when one is able to capture those images, instead of resisting them – even the most difficult ones – the new possibilities for transformation and self-evolution reveal themselves through the practitioner’s body.


In that way, Imre’s approach is very inspiring for ∞OS, especially the Assimilation Procedure. Instead of resisting the incoming (subconscious) image, one assimilates it into their body, taking the shape of whatever it is that ex~presses itself. One can then use the Redirection Procedure to steer the body towards a different shape inspired by this initial impulse. Observing where it wants to go, creating a surface for it to slide across.

You can learn more about Imre’s work and join his workshops on his website: