Practices: Surfing as Mental Gymnastics (w Nuno)

Any physical practice has huge effects on one’s wellbeing and mental state. Here Nuno from Special Surf 78 school in Peniche, Portugal, explains the kind of effect surfing can have on ones cognitive and motor skills and our mood in general.

His main idea is that the sea is the constantly changing environment. So when we surf, we learn to adapt to a constantly changing environment, which makes us more flexible and gives us an incredibly satisfying feeling. He also talks about the benefits of surfing for self-esteem and learning to overcome one’s fears, to grow and to develop.

In the end of the video above Nuno talks about fear as an obstacle in learning. We found some very interesting thoughts on this matter in our interview with Mayor Komarov who talks about fear as a great teacher and the different strategies of overcoming fear:


In this workshop excerpt Mayor Komarov talks about how you can enter the fears, identify them and remove them using physical exercise. Can be useful for surfing and other realms.