Materials: Embodied Experience of Dynamical Systems

Here’s a collection of some interesting materials that we used in the ∞OS activation program hosted in Berlin in March 2019.


This slideshow was used in the workshop and contains the main ideas from the session with images and references.

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Here are some videos you might find interesting below. You can also see the whole playlist on YouTube. Don’t forget to subscribe to the ∞OS channel!


Evolution of a Cell:

Nice movement physicality that we also try to cultivate with ∞OS…


Street Flights

Notice how immobility makes people much more vulnerable in unexpected situations. When they move, the chances to avoid / respond are much higher. Also, very hard to predict that something will happen, so it’s important to learn how to receive.


Our Interview with Mayor Komarov (Systema practitioner based in Voronezh, Russia)

The importance of physical practice for learning:

Pain as a training device:

More in our interviews with Mayor Komarov in this playlist



∞OS Drills and Procedures

Assimilation > Redirection:

Getting out from a difficult situation (modularity):

More videos in this ∞OS Playlist


Natural Movement / Our Interview with Imre Thormann (Noguchi Taiso & Butoh Dancer)

Spirals and Waves in the Body:

Dance and the Inner Beauty:

 More interviews with Imre Thormann in our interview on YouTube


Research Papers

The last page of the slideshow has many different references. Here are my favorite papers from the bunch with the links to PDFs. Feel free to add yours!


A great paper on robustness and resilience (about modularity etc.)


A more or less simple explanation of scale-free phenomena (1/f “pink” noise or chaos):


Two papers on how our body naturally moves in 1/f “pink” noise fractal chaotic pattern:


Chaotic “fractal” dynamics in robots and movement:


Very interesting work on nonlinearity of the brain, psychology and perception:


Plus my own research on the subject:



These are two very good books, especially the Gregory Bateson one.

Gregory Bateson is talking about ecological patterns of interaction using the example of societies, tribes and groups


On venture fiction, cognitive stimulants and body-mind operating systems



Photos by Nailya Bikmurzina