Practices: Systema, Physical Training, and Life Principles (w mayor Komarov)

Mayor Komarov is a practitioner of the Russian martial art Systema, which is based on non-resistance and fluidity of movement. We are very inspired by his approach to body practices and took a series of interviews where we asked him to share some of his knowledge.

In this interview mayor Komarov talks about Systema as a way of looking at life. He says that Systema is based on certain principles, which one can use to build their life:
– do not over-strain yourself;
– do not get tense;
– don’t resist excessively;
– keep the right form;
– work in the right condition body-form;
– breathe correctly;
– apply force in a correct way;
– receive external impulse correctly;

All of this can be used in everyday life. But one thing is to know about it and another thing is to practice it during training. Mayor Komarov believes that physical training allows us to integrate those principles into our way of being, so they become life automatisms: