Social Binding through Physical Practice

In this session we will focus on the social aspect of ∞OS practice and its capacity to bring people together, to have them meet each other and experience each other’s bodies in a judgement-free atmosphere, and to discover the new things about themselves.

Unlike other physical practices in ∞OS there’s no pressure to “perform” (like in some sports), to win (like in many martial arts), or to do something in an aesthetically pleasing way (like in some dance workshops). The only criteria is learn about yourself and about the others, to try out different things, and to explore something new.



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Course description:

One of the main aspects of ∞OS is based on discovering the new patterns of movement that can be applied in other areas of life. This is a fun process also because ∞OS is a practice that you do together with other people. Many of the new behavioral patterns we learn can only be practiced with other people, not alone.

This makes ∞OS is a social physical / spiritual / mental practice. The participants learn to interact with other people and they also learn to experience them from a different perspective, to be more empathic to them.

When we interact in everyday life we often only use language and eyes, but when we have a chance to touch each other, the connection becomes much more intense, we learn to cross over the “private zone” and enter into the sphere of the other. This forges a much better connection between people and provides the kind of social binding that no “team building” seminar can offer.

Other physical practices offer a similar experience, however they are often framed either by a certain sense of aesthetics (in dance) or by competitiveness (“you have to be good!” – in martial arts, for example). In the frame of ∞OS, however, there is no pressure to perform. We’re simply exploring a certain set of principles and also a certain way of learning new things together, shifting this experience into the realm of a collective game-practice.

Another important aspect is that we don’t only move together, but we also explore the new patterns of behavior. So the common practice also becomes a common research into human interaction: how we can relate to each other (physically and mentally), what are the different strategies we can use. This common research provides a very fertile ground to build new and stronger relationships, which are much healthier at the core.

The key benefits of adopting ∞OS:

• Becoming more adaptive and relaxed in stressful situations, learning to turn them to your advantage.

• Transforming working approach, learning to resolve unnecessary tensions and impediments both in your own workflow or in your organizatio

• The implementation of highly effective and efficient operating principles which strengthen and improve group dynamics and flow.

• Establishing a better dynamics within groups through body contact and installing processes that help groups to take better collective decisions

• Learning how to adapt to the shifting external pressures and transform them into opportunities while staying aware, creative and functioning within a group.

• Within a few hours, you’ll get a thorough and holistic introduction to ∞OS. This fast-paced and concise session is delivered in a single session providing participants a cost-contribution and accessible first step. 

Learning objectives:

• Feel much more relaxed, invigorated and connected both to their own bodies and to the people around.

• Try out  8OS interactive, action-focused exercises that help gain new knowledge through experience

• Experience transformative principles, ready to be applied in one’s personal life or in social environments

• Interactively explore 8OS organising structure adaptation paradigm, and learn how it can work at different scales


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