Special Agent’s Manual

This manual details the procedures, principles and ethical implications of ∞OS approach. A special initialization section is especially designed to show how ∞OS can be activated for inter~subjective relations step-by-step.




We have multiple manuals for devices and systems, but almost none for our body~mind.

This manual is a cognitive stimulant especially designed to resolve this issue. It offers a set of body~mind program codes, methodologies, exercises and practices that can help activate the special agency from within.

Based on ∞OS open source operating system for the body~mind, the techniques presented in this manual are the programs, codes, procedures and presets written in plain English programming language. They are especially designed to unlock wave-like oscillatory dynamics both on the cognitive and physical levels. We also demonstrate some concrete applications for everyday situations. The special agent’s vocabulary supplied with the book will help resolve limitations of language. We also ask you to pay particular attention to disclaimers and warnings supplied with the re~programming code in order to ensure safe and efficient functioning of all the systems involved.