Initial Configuration Procedure

/* The following procedure should be re~initialized on a regular basis to ensure smooth operation and functionality.
It contains a set of presets, and configurations, which constitute private ethics of ∞OS practice */

It is important to understand,
that it is impossible to live
without getting affected or hit.
// in one way or another

Any disturbance within a medium –
stress, attack, punch, accident
may affect.


    acceptance = activated;
    anticipation = upon contact only;

If there are no procedures
to release the tensions
that are obtained over time,
those affected accumulate tensions
in the bodymind
// traumas, complexes, unfulfilled gestalts, sankaras
which then transform the psyche, the body, the intellect,
accumulating mutations along the way.

The agents do not want to be mutants.

The agents just want to be
closer to themselves,
but their experience of themselves
is ready for trans~formations
and trance~formations.


    flexibility = activated;
    resilience = max;
    fluidity = max;

it is important to know
how to receive the external shock
and how to deal with it,
maintaining a certain degree of
relaxation, // tension only where it is needed
state~form con~dition
// condicere ‘agree upon’, agreement between parts
attentivity // at~tention
sensitivity, resilience,
fluency, flexibility // fluidity



/* Using this preset 
every situation may be seen 
as a dynamic and constantly 
changing network 
of inter~connected elements (nodes), 
which activate through certain 
motives and patterns.*/
    networked_relativity = activated;

/* Hedging is insurance against risk. 
Projecting at least 3 
mutually exclusive outcomes 
and having a solution 
for each of them. 
Prioritizing one over the others.*/
    risk_hedging = activated;

/* To include and exclude. 
Constant renewal. 
Reaching for the periphery, 
moving it towards the center, 
expelling the center.*/
    inclusive_exclusivity = 55%;