Dissipative Regeneration Procedure

It may happen that the incoming impact is so strong,
that it is impossible to assimilate it into one’s structure    
  without breaking it.

In this case, if the impact has already happened,
regeneration has to be performed in order to fix things.

The easiest way is to send ripple-waves
through the whole structure,
regenerating it with the newly found rhythms
in the emptiness that ensues.
// laughter

To dissipate tension across the
    bodymind formstructure,
breaking it into little particles
// playing Tetris with tension

Specific sequences of initialization:

Fast burst breathing: 
 inhale (through the nose, into the stomach)
exhale (through the mouth)
 throw down all tension, 
 send ripple waves
     through the whole 
bodymind form~structure
Take a pushup position, 
 lower oneself to the floor, 
 keeping the body~form, 
shift tension 
 around different parts 
of the body
 + burst breathing
During a difficult conversation, 
 find an object 
 and start moving 
your hand 
 along the object 
chaotic-itinerancy patterns
Leave the room

Be the first one to punch

Run away


/* there’s a scene in Alejandro Jodorowski’s film where his parents appear to tell him that his childhood house has burned down. they seem to be angry and sad. after they leave to a hotel, Alejandro turns to his friends and tells them: “my house has burned down! que maravilloso!” (how wonderful). everyone starts to laugh */

To play Tetris 
     moving the tension
          around the body

To change occupation