Redirection Procedure

/* This procedure is especially designed
to redirect disturbances
away from their initial target. */

This procedure uses the already existing
    impulses, surfaces,
and slides across them, rather than against them,
    to redirect the incoming flow.
The following sequence can be used to activate
this approach:

Upon encountering tension
  do not resist its surface  
  slide across it 
  taking the tension 
  with you.

0. expose yourself to an impulse  
1. catch the incoming impulse momentum 
2. in~corporate this impulse into 
   your own direction, 
3. accelerate the flow 
/* similar approach is used 
in surfing */

// from se- aside, ducere- lead
Saying “yes, and” 
instead of “no, but”
Continue the common movement 
to find a new bodyformstructure

Attach to the structure 
that produced the incoming impulse 
start controlling their motion; 
  change roles;
    constantly change roles, 
take over and give up control.