Infiltration Procedure

Sometimes there are situations
    when there are no perturbations in the environment
no in~fluences, no pro~vocations,
    and, therefore, no waves
so then they should be created.
// creativity, inventing new stuff

In this case, initiate the Infiltration Procedure

A few words before the exact explanation…

Step 1:
 Identify tension knots

The word provocation
/*  from Latin provocare ‘challenge’, from pro- ‘forth’ + vocare ‘to call’ */

This is done through im~planting a light im~pulse,
in order to excite the external body~structure
for it to reveal the tension knots 
that are used to maintain its original shape.

This initial impulse is made to pro~voke.
The external structure reveals
    its strong parts and weak parts
crossroads of meaning,
important junctions and nodes,
tensions knots
// usually linked to fears – fear of in~stability
possibilities for further interactions.

Step 2: 
Progressive Manipulation 
of Tension Knots
Two agents meet. 
One is pulling the other 
by the hand. 
The one who is pulled 
gives in to the movement 
and lets his body 
change the form, 
the points of tension 
that emerge.
To say something 
 /* called “neg” 
in the “game”:
 “you look 
not as tired today 
as usual” */
Put low frequencies 
to the maximum
To create a need, 
to generate a lack

Performed through applying a series of impulses,
destined to shift the center of body~structure
    affecting it in a sequential way
using the points of tension identified earlier.
// the structure may reconfigure itself continuously.