Assimilation Procedure

If the incoming impulse is not considered
threatening for the structure,
it is possible to in~corporate it
// let it enter into the bodymind
and to em~brace it,
using the following script:

detect the 
  incoming tension
or wait for it to be produced 
  by a situation
  or a partner.

do not resist, 
/* there is no use 
in responding to force 
with a force that is opposite – 
this leads to further escalation */

    accept the direction 
    of the incoming impulse
    ad~just bodymind 
    to follow the direction 
    of the incoming impulse
accepting direction of the incoming impulse 
ad~justing the bodymind form~structure 
to the incoming impulse, 

and then
    bringing it back 
    to the original shape.

/* for instance: 
creating the same momentum 
as the speed 
of incoming movement */

  with eyes closed 
  no visual anticipation
  only kinesthetic response.

re~ceive (accept), 
re~lease (em~brace), 
re~direct (absorb)

let the impulse pass through
// without leaving any tension within 

As a result of the action performed above
agent’s bodymind~form will be slightly affected
temporarily adjusting its current state
but only
to later embed itself
into the common form~unity
taking control of the mass-center.