La Manutention Residency at Palais de Tokyo

In the frame on La Manutention residence at Palais de Tokyo curated by Vittoria Matarrese we presented an ∞OS workshop (7/11/2018), which was designed to enhance the range of physical interaction in the public context and to explore the idea of a collective improvisatory event.

Our objective was to share some basic movement principles of ∞OS with the participants during a short warm-up introductory workshop using direct embodied experience as the starting point. We introduced the basic pacing and leading exercises, interactive floating point exercises, and various group dynamics patterning techniques.

We then gradually shifted the atmosphere towards a more informal party-like context, helped by the Local Prophets crew, as well as Renart, Roni, and PPP Soundsystem, inviting the participants to try out the new patterns of interaction in real life with each other. The result was overwhelmingly positive: unlike standard parties where people tend to dance on their own, most of the participants danced and interacted with each other in movement, creating a super charged vibe, breaking the barriers, and meeting each other on the physical level in a totally natural way.