Practices: Images and Objects for Inspiration in Movement (w Imre Thormann)

Imre Thormann is a dancer and Noguchi Taiso practitioner. In his work he often uses objects to demonstrate the basic natural movement principles.

In September 2017 we made an interview with him and asked us to tell us more about his practice and demonstrate some of his techniques. Imre’s approach is very inspiring for ∞OS, particularly his work with cleansing the body from superfluous patterns and tensions, accessing the gravity from within, bringing the body back to the operating principles of the nature. This approach can then be taken further to everyday life and used as a metaphor to heal everyday interactions or even as inspiration to take this work into other realms.

In this 3rd part of the series Imre talks about using the images and objects as inspiration for dance and exploration of movement and life.



If you’re interested to learn more from Imre, check out his website – he hosts regular workshops in his beautiful house / garden in South France.