Dmitry Paranyushkin

Dmitry Paranyushkin is a co-founder of ∞OS. In his practice he combines choreography, physics, and network science, exploring how we can reinvent and explore ourselves through movement.

Dmitry is the founder of Nodus Labs research and is the creator of the methodology to stimulate imagination and creative thinking: InfraNodus (read the whitepaper). He is also the developer of the Polysingularity concept based on nonlinear perceptive dynamics. Dmitry comes from Moscow, Russia and is based in Paris, France.

Photo by Volya

After obtaining a diploma in economics and maths in the Moscow State University, Dmitry studied theater and contemporary dance at the Dartington College of Arts. He then got his MA in life sciences and biology at Paris Diderot VII. In his practice he combines Systema martial art, contemporary dance, butoh, noguchi taiso, which are all at the basis of EightOS bodymind operating system. EightOS is based on reprogramming our behavior through implementing the new patterns of behavior using physical movement and interaction. In this practice we use scientific approach to better understand abstract concepts through the physical metaphors, which can be understood on the level of the body first and then transposed into other contexts.