Body-Mind Operating Systems

On the most basic level, an operating system is an interface between a machine and the functions that it has to perform.

We already have operating systems for machines, but what we really need are the operating systems for humans.


Operating System for Human Beings

Any OS links the form (hardware) and the function (software). What links the human form to its function?

Our habits,  morals, education, ethics, disjointed bits and pieces of knowledge that we received from here and there.
Several practices, such as yoga, meditation, religions and various martial arts attempt to connect those disjointed bits and pieces together and sometimes they are quite successful in that. Most of them, however, have been developed in the past but the world is changing quickly and sometimes they are not really adapted for the new digital layer, which is permeating our lives today.

Therefore we need an upgrade: a contemporary body/mind open source operating system for the 21st century and beyond. Moreover, we need many different operating systems, just like there are different operating systems for computers, where some are better suited for mobile devices (iOS, Android), some are better suited for graphic design (Mac OS X), and some are better suited for navigating the Deep Web (Tails).
This new type of operating system should be constructed on the basis of modern practices developed for the digital age (such as agile development, MVC paradigm, version control systems, iterative development with rapid updates), various somatic and psychosomatic practices (meditation, yoga, body-mind centering), and also systems of knowledge and practices developed in the past. The different operating systems need to be interoperable (via well-documented APIs), so that it’s possible to switch between them easier, depending on the situation and circumstances.


∞ OS Special Agent Operating System

The proposals frameworks, schemas, propositions, algorithms and physical/movement practices presented in the previous section of this manual comprise the core of the operating system for special agents that we call ∞OS (/`eight OS/), which is based on the source code of polysingularity.

It is important to note that ∞ OS operating system
is not claiming to be
    the only one
it is well suited
    for a variety of applications
         especially where it is necessary
         to control energy flow dynamics.

Previous section [3] of the Initial Initialization has shown
different sets of code, procedures and functions,
that can be utilized for intra~actions between
    our inner selves
    other agents

The main task of an agent
    in this system of coordinates
is to find a resonance
     between their own specialization
     and other non-equilibrium stable states
securing their dynamic order
     // maintaining the current stability flow
or bringing them to the new orbits

One important aspect of ∞OS is that it comes with its own set of private ethical norms, which will be presented in detail in the following section of the manual [5].

We also want to bring particular attention to the social aspects of this methodology and in later publications we will present two open source operating systems that are compatible with ∞OS: holocracy and panarchy.