Open-source Operating System for the Bodymind.

∞OS uses physical experience to apply new behavioral patterns on individual and collective levels. Those patterns are based on some very basic principles – minimum tension, adaptivity, conductivity, fluidity, variability, tensegrity – which are easy to understand but hard to practice. We help people and organizations implement those principles (software) into their social and physical bodies (hardware).

How to Install ∞OS?

Contact us if you want us to help you apply ∞OS in a situation that needs to be resolved (activation). You can also join one of our workshops and training, so you can use ∞OS principles and methodology yourself in your everyday life and work (initiation and installation).


Have a problem that
needs to be solved?

Use our ∞OS expertise to 
see how it can help you.

• Free & Quick
• Solution Oriented
• One-time Application
• Immediate Results

cost contribution

Implement ∞OS patterns into
your daily life and work.

We pass on our methodology,
so you can apply it.

• Multiple Application
• Best for Personal Use
• Only 2 Hours to Learn
• Free Study Materials
• Apply by Yourself

€200 – €4K

We create a custom version 
of ∞OS for your needs.

You can then use it anytime,

• Multiple Application
• Best for Professional Use
• Full independence
• Suits for Organizations
• Free Study Materials
• Apply by Yourself
• Lifetime Updates

Procedures: Implement ∞OS Principles into Real Life

∞OS is a universal practice, you can apply it in any context: from fitness and self-defense, to intersubjective relations, business, and politics. This open-source practice is based on wave-like oscillatory dynamics, which can be used to respond and control internal and external dynamics. Choose the procedure below to see how ∞OS can be useful for you, depending on the situation you’re in.

Software for the Bodymind Hardware.


Real-life case-studies where you can learn about concrete applications of ∞OS as well as interviews with practitioners of compatible practices, related to ∞OS approach.