Open-source Operating System for the Bodymind.

#eightos is a practice of interaction ecology based on dynamic flow modulation and cross-contextual confluence. We use both the physical body and the mind to research, to store and to activate new behavioral patterns. These patterns are based on some very basic principles — adaptivity, variability, integrity, modularity — which cultivate ecological approach to one’s environment and evolutionary flow. Using the agile approach we then help people and organizations explore how these principles and procedures (software) can be implemented within any realm (hardware) and what the effects of this implementation may be.

How to Install ∞OS?

The easiest way is to get our e-book (below) to get introduced to ∞OS and to learn how it can be used in everyday life. To get a hands-on introduction to using ∞OS for conflict resolution, check out our online course. You can also join one of our workshops and training, so you can use ∞OS principles and methodology yourself in your everyday life and work (initiation and installation).

get to know

Basic introduction to the
core principles and procedures. 

Get an overview.

• Adaptivity
• Resilience
• Fluidity
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Learn about conflict
dynamics in this course.

Basic principles of ∞OS
for everyday life.

• Online Course
• Personal & Professional Use
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Integrate ∞OS patterns
into your 
daily life/work.


Experiential learning

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Custom version of ∞OS for your needs.

You can then use it anytime, anywhere. 

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∞OS Methodology: A New Way of Learning

Metaphor is a powerful tool that helps us understand things better. The core of ∞OS approach to learning is to offer a direct experience of a metaphor on the physical level. This provides a much more efficient pathway for information and ensures that it is incorporated on the level of reflexes, using the most efficient neural network there is: our bodymind. We also make use of dynamical systems theory and network science, as well as the various techniques and tools from agile development to create an adaptive, iterative, robust, sustainable and creative approach to learning. To make sure that our approach has practical implications we ensure that ∞OS is interoperable: applicable in any context, beyond the realm of the physical, as well as able to function together with other practices.

Procedures: Implement ∞OS Principles into Real Life

∞OS is a portable practice, you can apply it in any context: from fitness and self-defense, to intersubjective relations, business, and politics. Our set of principles helps you see tensions as opportunities and our procedures offer concrete formulas you can apply to reach your objectives. Choose the procedure below to see how ∞OS can be useful for you, depending on the situation you’re in.

Software for the Bodymind Hardware.